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Sunday, 13 August 2017

And the Winner is...

Dancing Donkey!  Andrew just picked your name out of the hat! 

I've been following the Dancing Donkey blog for years so was very happy when that name came out first.  Congratulations!  You can go back to the site now and read the book pages with the intent of picking your prize of any one of my eleven print books!

I've been re-reading, Chicken Soup for Satan, ready to write the sequel, and giggling away, wondering how I even come up with this stuff.  It's very true that when you begin to write in flow, what comes through you is far more than you can ever come up with yourself.    

What other news is there?  Ohh, I have such an exciting idea but I'm not ready to share it just yet!  Soon...

In the meantime, life goes on as normal, if you count normal as everyone growing webbed feet like ducks.  We've had so much rain, so very much.

The dogs and I went down to see Jane Brook the other evening.  It was just a little bit full.

I know this sort of dark, peely-barked place is not really associated with Australia, but there it is, evidence that we do have some areas like that!

What do you think?  Fairy home?  I can just see them tripping lightly across that tree trunk and popping down into their hole there.

Pippa and her friend Fergus. How gorgeous is this little dog?  Isn't our family lucky to have her?  Win! 

Andyroo is feeling pretty lucky right now.  On Friday, we bought him a Jimny to replace the motorbikes he used to ride everywhere but no longer feels the same way about.

As long as I've known him, he's got on his bikes, rain or shine, but maybe age (or good sense) is catching up with him because now he just doesn't want to do it any more. Instead he wanted one of these...

The Jimny should be heaps of fun to drive around in, and they have very good 4 x 4 capability too, so the tracks around here beckon, and he can cover it in aerials as well.  :D  Life changes.  Old love affair out, new love affair begins!

Now if we can just come up with a name for it that isn't Timmmyyyy the Jimnyyyyyy!   Too late, I suspect.  It is very dangerous to joke around too much when naming things.      




Friday, 11 August 2017

"Cherokee Girl" on guitar, plus dog and kitty.

There's been more cold and grey weather for us the last few days, with storms forecast for this weekend too.  We've caught outside time when we could, even if it's been so grey at times that the gold of the flowering wattles seems to shine out of the darkness.

This little Wavy-leafed Hakea has gone bonkers!  It think it is about four years old.  One of our babies. 

Angus doesn't care if it's grey at walk time. He had the zoomies this morning while the girls were busy mousing. 

Funny boy!

This grey old man roo wasn't impressed when we walked by the other day.  He and his wife watched us very carefully.

It's easy to see why the roos around here are gray instead of red.  They camouflage into the forest so well.   Can you see him now?

It's been the sort of weather where staying in and crocheting or playing music makes good sense.

I recorded this song the other day.  Cherokee girl by Charles de Lint.  It's one of my faves to play because I love his writing and music, I love the writing of Terri Windling that inspired the book he wrote this song about, The Woodwife, and because I love the song for itself.  It's got a very cool message.

Kitty feels that the dark, cold mornings require warming himself under the table light beside the pot belly fire and being disapproving.

"I disapprove of you saying I disapprove of things!"

The paintings on the tanks up at Chidlow yesterday where we walked were a nice touch.

They're so gorgeous and bright and I especially appreciate the local birds they've painted.  I do love community art!

This weekend I get some Shaman healing from my friend Frances, and we go to a funeral for Jerry the pony.   Now I have to go and find the right thing to say about our dear little Pegasus pony, whether my own writing or a quote.

Have a lovely weekend!   On Monday I will draw the name of the lucky winner who will receive a free print book from me, to be sent anywhere in the world.  Please go to my site then comment somewhere on my social media to be in the chance to win a book.  Last chance to be in the draw!

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Large Things

Large pile of books being sorted to go to a local store for them to sell.

Michelle at Just Add Passion wanted 4 of each of my books, which means I had to take 44 of them over to her!  Wow, that's a lot of heavy books!


Just Add Passion is a cool little gallery and shop on Stoneville Rd that specialises in the works of local artists, writers and craftspeople.  If you live locally or make a run to the hills, and you want a present for someone or to spoil yourself, go and check it out!  It's right next to the bottle shop there that my sis and her hubby call "The light on the Hill" because it is a very welcome sight after a long day.

The skies have been lovely this week, at least they have been when the clouds have cleared away.  Some of the days have been very grey.  Last month was our wettest July ever, I've heard.

How's this for cool clouds?


We watched them march across the sky getting bigger and bigger.

With two little lone ones that followed along and spread into rather ghostly figures.

Woooooo!  Boo!
Yesterday's walk was very pleasant.  Down the foresty track below our place.

Along the bridle path and down the old railway cutting.

Don't worry, Tuppy is still on lead.  Not that she's amused by it.

A large someone else is not amused.  Ever.

And that there is the definitive proof that diets don't work!

Excuse me!  I am a fine figure of a cat and don't you forget it!
I started writing the next book last night... by accident.  I had thought of my first sentence and started a document so that I wouldn't forget it.  I wrote two paragraphs and now need to go reread my character notes and the first book before I really get going, but still, I'm away.  It's so exciting to be writing again!  Satan Smith: Demon Hunter, here we come!  

If you missed seeing the last post here, don't miss your chance to win a free print copy of one of my books of your choice.  All you have to do is comment on this post, on my facebook page, or on the site.  Sign up to my newsletter too, to get to read the free short story, Hunting, which has an interesting twist in its tail!

My "fun with scoping" adventure went well last week.  I'll tell you more when we get some results from the biopsies they took.  They did take out a 15mm polyp from my stomach, so lets hope that will help with the vomiting.  Vomiting sucks.  Think I've had enough of it to last me my whole life.  Actually, I know it.  :D






Friday, 4 August 2017

Here it is at last!

It's been a long time coming because I had a lot of learning to do, but my website is up and running now.  I would love any opinions via comments here, or emails on the site, or on Facebook.

Wherever you comment, I will put your name into the hat to win a beautiful print copy of whichever one of my books you would like to win, and I will send it anywhere in the world!    

If you'd like to hear my writing news, sign up for my newsletter while you're there. I will have freebie offers in my newsletters occasionally, and the first freebie is the short-story, Hunting.    

She's an artist, but what else is she?


Enjoy the story, and don't forget to go look at my site and give me a comment here or elsewhere for a chance to win that print copy of one of my fun books.

I hope you like my latest creative child!

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Stormy Day

It's a bit of a stormy day today, in two ways actually.  AGM for our brigade tonight.  Phew, hope it goes more smoothly than the weather!

In the meantime, it's too late to make the bed now, someone has found it and settled in.

I don't mind an inside day, especially with a bit of a busy night to come, but we did do our dogwalk this morning, and I managed to get on my pink boots and go and cut up a few more bits of lucerne trees just before the storm arrived.

Of course as a druid I don't like to cut down trees, but if we were to let all the lucerne trees that self-seed go, they'd cover the place and they are a fire hazard once they get older.

My littlest sis, PJ, received her beanie in the mail all the way over in Queensland.  Hopefully she'll get some wear out of it before their hot weather returns.  She's so pretty!   

I had a nice outdoor weekend.  Saturday, I popped over the give Harley a walky around his property while his dad was off at a course.  He's a happy boy, but very dignified too.

The creek was looking lovely!

Not sure what mama wood-duck thought she was doing, but when she saw Harley she dived and then came up hiding under the weeds there in an, "I can't see you so you can't see me," pose.
Presumably she has a nest nearby and was being a distraction, but good boy Harley ignored her and her theoretical nest totally.

I'm a good boy, I am. 

On Sunday the local druids got together at the big oak tree to celebrate Imbolc.  We took turns reading some poetry about the season and the goddess Brigid, and I sang a song with my guitar.  That was a bit scary but it's good to challenge myself.

 The tree looked beautiful with most leaves gone.  You could see its amazing framework.

This one actually shows its scale. It is hard to capture how big it really is.


 We're so lucky to have it nearby!

This afternoon, youngest Niecey and I are watching Young Ones episodes and drawing at the same time.  I love corrupting my nieces!  :D     

Friday, 28 July 2017

Fly Free, Pegasus!

Our family lost a horsey stalwart this week.   Jerry, at 28 years old, who thought he was Pegasus, got his wings back. 

Of course I am fond of all my sister's family's horses just as I am the family dogs, but Jerry also spent some time living here with me as a companion pony, so I am especially attached to him.

He was particularly gorgeous, even for a pony, like a little Andalusian, with his high crest, showy action and frequent showing off. 

He so gently took Jen's kids from their first fascinated explorations into horses...

 To lead rein lessons...

To first ridden...

And on to more advanced riding.


Along the way, they had so much fun...


And extended themselves beyond what they thought they could achieve...


All the way, he always remained himself; naughty, cheeky, fiery, eager, wary of vets, and annoying to other horses.  He very much enjoyed attention and being fussed over...

And he was so loved.

He will be very missed.